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The World Through My Eyes: A collection of essays, reflections and thoughts about men, sex, love, relationships, politics, friendships, nudism, current events, social concerns, humanitarian issues, religion and all those wonderful experiences that constitute life as seen and felt by me: a thirty-something Deaf Gay man of mixed racial heritage (half-black, half-white) living in the Virginia Beach area of the United States. A scrapbook of my life. I've been a confirmed Gay nudist for the past 20 years (since puberty). Sometimes, we just need to step back and chill and try not to be so serious and tense. Life is short, stand up and get into it!

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Happy 4th Of July!

"Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country."
Show your patriotism by stepping out of your clothes and proudly display exactly what "Made in the U.S.A." is all about.
It's another long, holiday weekend during the summer season.
Be careful, stay safe and play with protection.
That means using a condom each and every time you have sex.

Monday, June 25, 2012

June Pride: Cock Appreciation IV

The Glory Hole, that marvelous invention by men-who-have-sex-with-men (MSM) in order to facilitate their carnal desires and pleasure. The MSM designation is used here because many of those who participate in this type of sex don't consider themselves gay, same gender loving or bisexual. Some are in complete denial about their sexuality or are on the Down Low (DL).

The Glory Hole is nothing more than a hole, carved or drilled through the wall separating the stalls located in public restroom facilities. The hole is used to peep through to check out the package of the neighbor on the other side. The erect cock is inserted through the opening when the adjoining stall is occupied. More often, the cock is then sucked although some men do get fucked utilizing the glory hole. This method of satisfaction because of its anonymity. The participants rarely see more than the desired dick.

Glory Holes are usually located in restrooms in popular sex cruising areas, more than likely public parks. Glory Holes have baffled, confounded and frustrated park authorities and law enforcement since they were first created. The doors on the stalls block any activity from public view and the encounter more than likely involves no communication between participants.

Despite efforts by officials to stop the behavior, Glory Holes continue to thrive in urban areas. I guess this proves the phrase, "where there's a will there's a way," to be completely true.

June, 2012: Cock Pride

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

June Pride: Cock Appreciation III

The cockring is an accessory worn around the balls and cock. It's thought to prolong sexual stamina and to heighten pleasure. They're usually made of leather or a soft metallic substance. Some are even made from rubber. Most cockrings are adjustable to prevent them from falling off during the passion of the moment. I've worn a couple of different styles, but not for a long period of time. They just don't feel comfortable to me. However, I know men who swear by them and wouldn't think of sex without wearing one. To each their own.

The theory behind the cockring is that the adornment slows the blood flow from the erection. This keeps the cock erect longer and prolongs the lovemaking. Most medical experts advise against the wearing of a cockring for more than 30 minutes at a time. The decreased blood circulation may cause serious complications.

Personally, I haven't noticed any difference in my sexual satisfaction between a partner wearing a cockring and a man not wearing one. But then, my thrill comes from the efforts of the actual dick and not from the ornament around it. Again, that's just me. A simple case of different strokes for different folks.

June, 2012: Cock Pride

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

June Pride: Cock Appreciation II

At first, I'll honestly admit that I was completely turned off by the sight of a pierced cock, of any type, style or size of the pierced jewelry. I just couldn't get the imagined pain of the procedure out of my mind. The thought of the suffering made me weak in both my knees and in my own penis. In truth, all of this was before I had even touched a pierced cock, let alone had sex with one. As a nudist gay man, I had the chance to view them long before I ever had the nerve to touch one or inspect one up close.

It wouldn't be until my junior year in college that I had the chance to become familiar with a pierced cock. By this time, I'd become accustomed to the sight and wasn't quite as squeamish as I was earlier. I'd also learned that there were a variety of types of piercings available and the types of adornment for every style.

There were many times that I orally serviced men with cock piercings. Soon, I came to appreciate them all. I also began to enjoy the sensation of having a pierced cock inside my mouth. I knew then and there that it was only a matter of time before I experienced one, firsthand, inside me. I grew somewhat eager in anticipating this new chapter in my exploration of the world of cocks.  

The first pierced cock to please me wore a prince albert type ring. I remember that it was larger than I would have liked for my first time. The love making wasn't as painful as I had imagined and I discovered that it honestly heightened my pleasure in having sex. It wasn't long from that time that I was soon sampling the different styles and jewels of pierced cocks on a variety of men. My personal research into the world of the penis now included pierced ones as well.

June 2012, Cock Pride

Thursday, June 7, 2012

June Pride: Cock Appreciation I

My June Pride theme this year is cocks. Don't misunderstand me: I'm no expert of the male penis. I don't have a cocktorate degree in dickology or anything like that. But I am a gay man who's sexually active. I have been having sex with other men since the age of 15. I'm now approaching my mid-thirties. So that's almost twenty years of experiencing the beauty and glory of the penis. All that history has to count for something.

Other gay men may have more experience than me. Some may have less. That much I know. But I can honestly stipulate here that I've never met a cock yet that didn't give me some degree of pleasure. Some have left me breathless and some have left me ...less gasping and desiring more. However, I've enjoyed them all and have rarely, if ever, turned one away without at least giving it a chance to live up to it's promise. I'm a firm believer in equal opportunity for all.

As a mixed race gay man, I've always welcomed cocks of every ethnicity and race. I've had sex and been sexed by men of many different skin tones. After all, being half-Nigerian and half-Greek, I myself am the product of two races. To deny one is to deny a part of me. I see the color or complexion of the skin; I just don't let it be an issue. Once it gets fully erect, all dicks have the potential and the power to give immense delights. 

Similarly, I don't discriminate based on the age, size or status (cut or uncut) of a possible cock-mate. I appreciate them all. Each one is beautiful in its' own right and I like variety in my diet. I may not always come back to the same one, but I hold no bias against a particular type merely because the one before it left me wanting more. I'm open to all who're willing to give.

I'm in a monogamous relationship for the past four years now. So my recent sampling of cocks has been limited to my man. However, prior to that, suffice to say I did enjoy all that mankind was willing to offer at the cock buffet.

June 2012, Cock Pride

Friday, June 1, 2012

June Is For Pride, Not Shame

June is Gay Pride Month. To be politically correct and inclusive, it's LGBT Pride Month, not to leave out the lesbians, bisexuals and transgenders, but gay pride is just a little easier to communicate. But we do owe a debt of gratitude to those brave drag queens who started it all off at the Stonewall Inn back in June, 1969. So LGBT Pride Month it is.

I'm proud to be gay and a member of the LGBT culture. I'm pretty honest and open about my sexuality. I don't have a rainbow halo hanging over my head but I don't deny or try to hide who I am. To tell the truth, I can't remember a period in my life when I wasn't gay. Before puberty I wasn't aware of my sexuality, but I was still gay, even then. I've never been ashamed of myself. I've been ashamed of some of my actions or behaviors, but of who I am? Never.   

Happy LGBT Pride Month! Happy June! Happy Summer, 2012! We have many reasons to celebrate this month. Probably, the most important is our pride in ourselves as a community and our pride in ourselves as lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender men and women. We are who we are. There's no shame in being the person who is attracted to the same gender. It's part of what makes us unique and special as a human being. Let's be proud and enjoy our Pride Month as we remember that our pride doesn't end on June 30. Our pride lasts all year long.

It's great that we have pride in ourselves. So, why, as gay men, do we seem ashamed or embarrassed about our love of the male penis? Cock. Dick. Johnson. Pecker. Wood. Some of us just can't seem to admit that this male organ is part of what we seek in intimate pleasure. This denial really puzzles me as a man who has sex with men (gay). Almost to a man, we all enjoy cock, right? So why the shame?

Heterosexual men make no secret of their admiration of a desire of women's breasts. Boobs. Titties. Cows. They also loudly proclaim their devotion and quest for the vagina. Pussy. Snatch. So the urge and obsession come with the gender. It's a man-thing. A male curse (or reward). I just don't know why some gay men are too embarrassed to acknowledge and accept our love of cock. THE man-tool. I think it's time that we all own this aspect of our gay lives and be proud that it's part of exactly who we are.

Yes, as the LGBT community, we need to honor our heritage and our accomplishments. We need to celebrate who we are and what we're all about. June is the one month of the year dedicated to our pride and we should all show it, it whatever way we choose.


Now, in my pride, I'm not going to walk down a public street with my pants unzipped and my cock hanging out for all to see. But I'm not denying to anyone who asks that yes, my love of cock is a part of what I am as a proud gay man. It's a part, but not all, of the man that I am. And as a gay nudist, I don't strut around, naked, hiding my cock under my hand. I feel no humiliation in openly admitting that a cock gives me pleasure and makes me happy. It also leaves me very satisfied after I've been with another man who used his to my advantage. I'm a proud gay man who loves his cock and the cocks of other gay men. No shame in my game.

Happy Gay Pride Month!