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The World Through My Eyes: A collection of essays, reflections and thoughts about men, sex, love, relationships, politics, friendships, nudism, current events, social concerns, humanitarian issues, religion and all those wonderful experiences that constitute life as seen and felt by me: a thirty-something Deaf Gay man of mixed racial heritage (half-black, half-white) living in the Virginia Beach area of the United States. A scrapbook of my life. I've been a confirmed Gay nudist for the past 20 years (since puberty). Sometimes, we just need to step back and chill and try not to be so serious and tense. Life is short, stand up and get into it!

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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Furry Delights!

Some men refer to them as bears. I like to think of them as furry delights! There's something pleasing and sexy being with a man who allows his body hair to grow, naturally. It doesn't make any difference if he's smooth with just armpit and pubic hair or if he's able to have a forest covering his back, chest and all over.

Race or ethnicity doesn't matter, hairy is fine with me.

I want my man to look like a man, not a plucked chicken!

Friday, March 28, 2014

Spring Love...

We all know that love between two men can happen anytime of the year. But there is something special and unique about the emotions between two men when it occurs during the magical time of the year: Springtime. 

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Happy Canada Day! July 1, 2013

Happy Canada Day!

July 1, 2013

This post is in honor of the anniversary of the Dominion of Canada and my partner, Lungi Okoko, who's half-French Canadian and half-Congolese. Happy Birthday, Lungi! 

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

In Moderation, This Is Good

As gay men, many of us, well; most of us, face innumerable numbers of challenges each and every day of our lives. For some of us, just making it safely through one more day alive is a constant struggle. Others among us have to suffer pettiness and humiliation on an ongoing basis. A few of us are estranged from our families and loved ones. Still others live daily in constant fear that a guarded and secret aspect of their essence, their being, might be discovered and their comfortable world comes crashing around them. More than a handful of our community are threatened and physically/verbally abused on a regular basis. The list goes on, injustice after injustice.

That's the reason that we all need to make certain that as a part, an essential core, of our daily routine needs to be devoted to taking the time to love ourselves. In an often hostile and indifferent world, it is important that we recall our basic goodness and celebrate ourselves, who we are and how we love. Regardless of race, ethnicity, size, ability, religion, physical attributes and IQ, every one of us is unique in our own way with certain characteristics that make us special. We all have gifts, skills and talents that distinguish us from all the rest of humanity. Therefore, we all need to take the time and love ourselves. All it takes is a couple of moments to focus on our strengths and our goodness. The world and those in it are eager to remind us of our shortcomings. We need to counter the negatives by reminding us of the positives that we have and that we are worthy and deserving of our love.

As we accept and love ourselves as gay men, we are, in turn, opening ourselves to the love of others. The more that we acknowledge that we are lovable, it is easier for us to both give and to receive love to and from others. Despite the obstacles and hurdles that we have to confront in order to get through the day, at the end of the day, love is what matters. 

Monday, November 15, 2010

Nipple Play!

I am a nipple man! I am aroused through nipple foreplay! I love having my nipples tongued, caressed, kissed, sucked, tweaked, squeezed, stroked and nibbled. Play with mine and I'll play with yours. I love reciprocating on my BF after he's given mine a good workout. As far as I'm concerned, nipple foreplay can last for hours on end. Want to delve deep into my delicious? Then all you have to do is show my nipples some serious love. Nothing unleashes my passion and fuels my freak like my pectoral rosebuds being serviced or servicing the dark blossums on my man.

Believe, my BF understands and knows my game here. He has the key to start my engine, accelerate it and keep it running. This weekend past he knew what he wanted, he knew what I needed, he delivered and he got his just rewards. It was our chill weekend and my rosebuds were pleased many times over. The freedom to please without having to look at a clock or even to think about the next hour or two was a relief. My boyfriends on my chest got all the attention they richly deserved. They're both equally sore, swollen and tender today. Like Mickey-Ds, I'm lovin' it!

We all realize the sex-cess of a relationship doesn't guarentee that it is successful. The physical and the sexual is good and important but it doesn't finish the picture. The emotional, mental, soulful and spiritual bonding is necessary so that a meaningful relationship can develop and grow. A relationship needs communication, compromise, patience and work from both individuals. We all know that all work and no play can lead to boredom. Nothing puts out a flame faster than same-ol', same-ol'.

That's why some freak is good and essential. Adding some nasty to the physical not only excites, it helps rekindle the desire and the romance. It's the spice that sometimes makes the difference between mundane and erotic. It not only benefits the relationship, it is also physically rewarding to both partners. And that's a good thing.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Chill Weekend

Just what my BF and I need: a stress free weekend together. Time to chill together, share together, hang out together and then to enjoy a little time together in our seperate spaces. We love our friends and families; but some quality time together, just ourselves, is good also. It gives the both of us the chance to unwind from the world and then to renew us as a couple. I'll let him spoil and pamper me some; then, I'll return the favor. Trust, the giving is good but the receiving can be just as pleasurable also.

The last time that we had a weekend all to ourselves, we really got freaky with body paint! The creativity was fun, the lovemaking afterwards was so relaxing and hot and the post-intimate cleanup offered a few surprises as well. I'm stopping past the supermarket on my way home from work. I want to get some jello and whipped cream. No plans, just see what will develop. Who knows?

One thing I am certain. We'll both make the best of this special time together. After this weekend, the crazy and hectic holiday season is upon us. It will be the new year before we have another chance for a weekend like this.