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The World Through My Eyes: A collection of essays, reflections and thoughts about men, sex, love, relationships, politics, friendships, nudism, current events, social concerns, humanitarian issues, religion and all those wonderful experiences that constitute life as seen and felt by me: a thirty-something Deaf Gay man of mixed racial heritage (half-black, half-white) living in the Virginia Beach area of the United States. A scrapbook of my life. I've been a confirmed Gay nudist for the past 20 years (since puberty). Sometimes, we just need to step back and chill and try not to be so serious and tense. Life is short, stand up and get into it!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

April Cocks!

Even with one for each hand, there's never enough!

Who says size doesn't matter?

A double "triple threat!" 

No matter where you are, sometimes, you just gotta have some! 

They're fun to encourage optimum growth and delivery! 

Monday, April 14, 2014

Tax Collector

Tomorrow, at midnight, tax returns are due to the U.S. Government.
This guy ain't hustling.
He just fainted at how much he owes Uncle Sam! 

Monday, April 7, 2014

Mixed Race Celebrity Monday: Kory Mitchell

Gay porn super star Kory Mitchell is a favorite of gay men the world over. The megastar has entertained tens of millions in hot and heavy sexual escapades in hundreds of movies. Kory, formerly known professionally as "Kory Kong," is of African-American and German descent. He's also, and most importantly, sexy as hell! 

Kory's best known for his prodigious cock, which he sports with a massive cock piercing. It's been the weapon of mass destruction (and pleasure) that has often dominated the dreams of his many global fans. 

I'm not ashamed nor shy to admit that I've often wondered what it would feel like having that massive dick inside my mouth or ass and him filling my orifice with his hot cum. What real gay man hasn't? Damn he's one hung brotha! 

 Among his other attributes, Kory has a shaved head and an impressive body frame that is covered in tattoos. He has both nipples pierced that he adorns with sexy nipple rings. He has a furry chest that I find one major fucking asset!

In addition to his healthy helping of chest hair, his armpits offer a generous tuft of fur, too! Everything about this man, Kory Mitchell, is just so masculine and erotic, which is probably the reason for his prominence in the gay adult entertainment industry. He is the epitome of m-a-n-h-o-o-d!  

An aspect of Kory Mitchell that I both admire and respect is his endless advocacy for persons living with HIV/AIDS and his encouragement of HIV prevention education. He's very open about his own HIV+ diagnosis and works tirelessly for the cause of ending this pandemic. He uses his celebrity to benefit all humankind. 

Damn he puts the word "exotic" as an adjective in front of the word "geek" when he wears his glasses. This man looks fine wearing spectacles and body jewelry or wearing nothing but his body! 

His armpits and hirsuteness are just too damn sexy!

Visit his personal blogsite: KoryMitchellXXX 

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April, 2014

I've never engaged in the habit of playing pranks on April 1. That's just not me.
I do welcome the first day of April because it is the first day of the first full month of Spring.
Change is in the air.
Change is happening everywhere!
Nature is becoming alive.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Spring Love...

We all know that love between two men can happen anytime of the year. But there is something special and unique about the emotions between two men when it occurs during the magical time of the year: Springtime. 

Monday, March 24, 2014

Gay In The NBA

Last Spring, Jason Collins, a professional basketball player, came out as a gay man. This news rocked the sports world as Collins became the first active player of any major U. S. professional sports team to do so. Previously, most pros who bothered to come out had done so after they retired. 

Collins' contract wasn't renewed and he spent most of the NBA season training and searching for a team. That changed at the end of February when the Brooklyn Nets team gave him a two-week temporary contract. Early this month, Collins was awarded a contract for the remainder of this current season as a member of the Brooklyn team. . 

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Happy Spring!

Happiness is finally welcoming the official arrival of the first day of the Spring season, 2014! It's here at last!