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Monday, February 28, 2011

Black History Month Porn Stars: Bobby And J.C.

Bobby Blake

Flex Deon-Blake

J. C. Carter
Internationally reknown film stars Bobby Blake and J. C. Carter were often cast together throughout the heyday of of the gay porn industry in the 1990s. Both masculine studs were a natural compliment to one another and admired by millions of loyal fans worldwide. Their on-screen couplings made same sex porn history. Their films remain popular and bestsellers even today.

Bobby Blake, a muscular and foul-mouthed top, literally pounded his massive 10" of circumsized cock for more than a decade. At 6'2" in height, he was an actor in demand who commanded submission. He was easily recognized by his shaved head and hairy chest. He was the civil partner and lover of  fellow actor and sometime co-star, Flex Deon (who legally changed his surname to Deon-Blake). After retiring from the screen business in 2002, he became an ordained minister in an evangelical church in his home state of Tennessee. In 2008, he published his memoir, "My Life In Porn: The Bobby Blake Story."  At the 2009 Blatino Erotic Awards ceremony, he was presented with The Lifetime Achievement Award.

A frequent and willing recipient of Bobby Blake's manhood in front of the camera was actor and bodybuilder J. C. Carter. He is best known for his shaved armpits and chest, as well as his bountiful ass. He starred in dozens of films as a soft-spoken yet aggressive bottom. He is credited with bringing fame, glamour and sexiness to the Black submissive partner. Raised as a Roman Catholic, he grew up in Chicago's Southside and attended parochial schools there. He stands 5'6" tall and his cock measures 7". After his retirement  from the screen, he posed for the now-defunct Black Inches magazine sporting all of his natural body hair unshaved.


J. C. Sucking Bobby

Bobby Fucking J. C.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Black History Month Porn Stars: Jason Tiya

Jason Tiya was born in 1982 and hails from New York, the Empire State. He is a true emperor of a man standing over 6' tall. He sports a ripped and ready body, shaved dome and a beautiful and enthusiastic 10" cock. Jason made his acting debut in 2003 and has appeared in numerous films for Channel 1 Releasing and Lucas Entertainment, among others. Before the camera, he is an exclusive top; off-screen, he describes himself as versatile. His favorite actor of all time is Al Parker.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Black History Month Porn Stars: Ty Lattimore

Hairy and Hard
Ty Lattimore, actor, model, director and producer, was born in California in June, 1976. He is 5'10" tall with a 9" cut cock and a sexy, hairy chest and ass. On screen, he always served as an aggressive and relentless top and enthusiastic rimmer. He, unlike many  of his dominant counterparts, would often erotically service his partners orally.

Ty began making films in 1997 and rapidly became a star. He is now CEO of his own production company based in Atlanta, Georgia. Muscular, sexy as hell and generously endowed, he remains the favorite of many, including myself. 

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Black History Month Porn Stars: Eddie Diaz

This selection features current actor, Eddie Diaz. He is one of the favorites of the Black and Latino communities. He commands a strong and aggressive screen appearance. Extremely versatile, he delivers exotic performances as both a bottom and a top. His oral s
kills are legendary.

Eddie Diaz is notorious for the pistol tatoo that he sports just above his pubic region pointing to his own masculine weapon.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Black History Month Porn Stars: Andre` Bolla

Absolutely one of the hairiest Black gay actors to ever appear before the camera! Of Caribbean descent, this star of yesterday was in literally hundreds of films and was extremely versatile in his sexual position. His most memorable and best roles was as an aggressive bottom with his hirsute ass both inviting and begging for more.

He retired from the screen in the mid-2000s and entered the construction business. In 2008, he signalled his interest in returning to the sex industry.

Even today, Andre` Bolla remains one of my all-time favorites.

Andre` stroking and sucking

Monday, February 7, 2011

Black History Month Porn Stars: Trap Boyy

To start off Black History Month Porn Stars Celebration here, a few more photos of one of my current favorites, Trap Boyy. As I promised you last month, you'll see more of him. He now has his own blog: Some of his statistics can be found with the January postings featuring this stellar bottom boy! He's sexy as hell as he delights audiences in his sensual performances.

His current DVD listings are available on his blog-site.

Trap Boyy: At His Best!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

NFL Super Bowl

Pittsburg Steelers versus Green Bay Packers
Imagine if both teams played the entire game while naked!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

February, 2011: Black History Month

Of course, we all know that our racial history is on-going throughout the year, not just confined to one month out of the calendar. However, during February is the time that we focus on our collective history. The same is true here.

This month, I may anger some but I'm directing my energies on this site to an often-overlooked and ignored part of our Black Gay History: the adult entertainment industry. Those men of our culture who projected our image in front of cameras and satisfied our sexual desires and fantasies.

For generations, these were the only portrayals available of black, gay men. Many young gay African-Americans learned of the existance of man-to-man sex through these productions. Although these roles may not have depicted the healthiest of practices; nonetheless, for the majority, they were the only outlets in existance.

Ignored and marginalized by our larger Black Community, these men are a part of our heritage as Black and Gay men. So most of the submissions of this month will feature some of our Black actors, referred to by many as porn stars, both past and present.

Celebrate our Black Gay History!