The World Through My Eyes

The World Through My Eyes: A collection of essays, reflections and thoughts about men, sex, love, relationships, politics, friendships, nudism, current events, social concerns, humanitarian issues, religion and all those wonderful experiences that constitute life as seen and felt by me: a thirty-something Deaf Gay man of mixed racial heritage (half-black, half-white) living in the Virginia Beach area of the United States. A scrapbook of my life. I've been a confirmed Gay nudist for the past 20 years (since puberty). Sometimes, we just need to step back and chill and try not to be so serious and tense. Life is short, stand up and get into it!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Fast Food

Sometimes, you get the need and there's just no time to play the pick-up/hook-up game. The urge is too great and the clock is ticking away. You go to the local cruise area and hit the restroom. Wihin minutes, someone in similar dire circumstances comes along and before too long, nature does what glory holes were made for. Sleezy but easy and without the mess. The closest thing to a drive through for the sex-starved who just gotta have their fast food, their way and now!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Images Of Pride, 2011

London Pride, 2011

I hope that all of you are enjoying Pride Month, 2011! I am!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Celebrate Summer!

Summer is here and it is a time for us all to go forth, exit those protective winter cocoons and enjoy life! A time for us to chase those dreams, seek out those fantasies and experience life. Too much work and procrastination and the most important gift that we have, life, soon, all too soon, passes us by. So let's all get out, get naked and allow ourselves the pleasure that we often deny ourselves. Go forth and seek out a good time. As long as we're responsible and honest, there's nothing wrong with being ourselves and trying to be happy!

Too often, we consider ourselves unworthy of an innocent summer romance, fling or thing. Many times, we don't think that we've deserved it. Sometimes, we're leary about it simply because we operate on the assumption that it is beyond our grasp. Nothing could be further from the truth. As gay men, we have every right to seek out our happiness wherever we can find it. Maybe the summer encounter won't last through the autumn. But then again, we'll never know the truth until we try. Maybe that kiss will lead to a one-night fuck-fest. Or, it might lead to more. Again, if we don't take the plunge, we'll never know for sure.

What's important is that we go for it and allow it to happen. We grab the moment and see where it will take us. Live just a little in the present and take a chance on life. As long as we communicate honestly with each other and act in a mature and responsible manner (this includes discussing the use of condoms before we become intimately involved), enjoying the physical intimacy of another man is good for our mental, emotional and physical health. Let yourself go and let life happen. Celebrate living and celebrate summer. Embrace life!   

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Celebrate Our Community Pride!

June is our month to celebrate and embrace ourselves and our community. Be proud of yourself for the man that you are and be proud of our community for what we, as men, have accomplished thus far! Happy Gay Pride Month, 2011!