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The World Through My Eyes: A collection of essays, reflections and thoughts about men, sex, love, relationships, politics, friendships, nudism, current events, social concerns, humanitarian issues, religion and all those wonderful experiences that constitute life as seen and felt by me: a thirty-something Deaf Gay man of mixed racial heritage (half-black, half-white) living in the Virginia Beach area of the United States. A scrapbook of my life. I've been a confirmed Gay nudist for the past 20 years (since puberty). Sometimes, we just need to step back and chill and try not to be so serious and tense. Life is short, stand up and get into it!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Riding The Dick

Being a "bottom man" is often referred to in gay sexual circles as being the "passive" partner. I don't know about you, but for me, being the one getting fucked is anything but passive. Passive implies inactive, uninvolved and indifferent. With a nice, good-sized dick inside my ass, I'm NOT going to be inactive and aloof! Far from it! No damn way I'll stay indifferent! LOL!

I prefer to be fucked by my boyfriend. Before our relationship, I've always liked to take the cock up my ass. Unlike some other gay men, I see no shame it being the perpetual bottom. After all, most men like some ass and without me, they'd never have what it is they want! It takes "two to tango" so what's wrong with wanting to get some like a man should?

I enjoy fucking; don't misunderstand me. I like some ass, too! But given the choice, I'd rather get my jollies with a man's tool taking care of my needs and this means me opening myself up for us both to be satisfied.

My favorite sexual position as a bottom is to "ride" or "mount" the cock. This allows me to control, measure and monitor the amount of dick inside me. It lets me make the penetration of my ass comfortable and pleasurable for me. I can make our love-making as a mutual pleasing and gratifying experience and good for the both of us. It's a win-win situation.

For me, it makes no difference if I'm facing my sex partner or if I've got my back towards him. Actually, as I ride him, about midway through our fuck session, I like to turn around and face the opposite direction. This helps to keep business interesting. As the bottom who's on top, I regulate how much dick I take at any given moment. I determine the intensity and speed of our intercourse. It isn't the issue of control as much as it is ensuring making this a mutually pleasing experience for the both of us. I make sure that we're both getting what we need. It's a joy ride for all!

Mounting then riding the man I'm with permits me to ease down on his cock and gives me time to adjust to his size. It guarantees that my A-spot will be hit, again and again. It's an act of quality control, making sure that we're both equally getting what we want and need. It's sort of like a live customer satisfaction survey. When I service a man, I aim to please! After four years into our relationship, my boyfriend has never complained. Truth is, he keeps cummin' back for more!

Besides, sometimes I like to fantasize about being a real-life cowboy!   

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Oakland Pride, 2012

Looking for something to do to celebrate the Labor Day Weekend? If you're in for an adventure, check out Oakland Pride, 2012, on California's coast. The festival and parties are all on Sunday, September 2, 2012, which leaves Monday for sightseeing, recuperating or traveling home. My friends have raved about this one for years.

My boyfriend and I are flying out on Friday morning (early) and staying with friends. Our hosts are having a naked party Saturday evening and then we'll hit the festivities on Sunday. This is our first time at this event, even though neither of us are pride virgins! This should be fun!  

If you can make the trip to the West Coast, look for us on Sunday!


Monday, August 13, 2012

Mixed Race Celebrity Mondays: Dustin Brown

Professional tennis star Dustin Brown is of British-Jamaican heritage who currently plays for Germany because he lived there while growing up. Brown was born on December 8, 1984 in the city of Celle, in then West Germany. He began playing tennis professionally in 2002, and plays both doubles and singles on the ATP tours.

His highest ranking to date with ATP is 89 in singles and 54 in doubles. His ATP 2012 wins in doubles include Casablanca, Morocco, on April 14. He was runner-up in doubles in Marseilles, France, and Kitzbuhel, Austria. His singles victory was in Bath, UK, on March 25, 2012.

On the Challenger doubles circuit, he captured titles in Sarajevo, Serbia, on March 17, and Rome, Italy, on April 17.

And, what's nice about Dustin Brown is the fact that he really likes to hang out shirtless! Cool!
Now, if we can just get him to loose those shorts!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Auto Sex

You may look and laugh. That's cool! At first glance, it probably is funny and the reason for that is that a large number of us can identify with the picture. I know that I can! As a teen, for a couple of years, the only place that was even semi-private where I could have sex was in a car. And I'm not ashamed to admit it. I didn't have the money to afford even a cheap hotel and bringing a guy home to my bedroom wasn't an option. So it was inside a car or outside. Even in the heat of sex, freezing my booty off wasn't a pleasant thought!

So, it was fornication in the backseat. The steering wheel made anything other than a blowjob in the front seat difficult. The rear of the car made access to anybody's rear a test of desire and willpower but it was better than nothing. All those Olympic gymnasts couldn't match the moves that we invented in order to satisfy our overactive teen urges and needs. I know I earned a gold medal many times over! LOL!

By the time my friends and I had an auto available, I'd already mastered the fine art of sucking cock. I was ready for new worlds to explore. Don't get me wrong, I still made my cock handy to a willing mouth and I was more than ready to go down on any erection offered to me. I also knew that I was prepared to take my sexual activities to the next level.

The first ass that I ever fucked was in the backseat of a car. It was cool but wasn't my only goal. My own ass was begging to be popped. As a matter of fact, I was so obsessed with this mission that I stopped wearing underwear altogether so getting out of my jeans would be easier. I soon took to wearing only slip-on shoes as to speed up the stripping process. My booty was itching for a good fuck.

By the time that I was a teenager, I already knew that I was a nudist. For me, this meant that sex was totally naked (well, maybe socks, but that's it). I became skilled at getting both myself and my sex buddy (I didn't have boyfriends at that young age) out of our clothes and down to business. It didn't take long before I had the chance to give up my ass to another guy and once that happened, I knew it was my passion for life!

I often remember those backseat days with the tumble games of sex. We did get our workouts back in the day. I'll let you know a secret. This past spring, my boyfriend and I took a drive down a deserted road and made love in the backseat; for old times sake. It's a little more difficult now in the backseat of a Nissan!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Pool Play

Pools provide a place for outdoor fun during the summer. They also give a means to cool off from the heat and humidity that accompanies this season of the year. Since the discovery of swimming naked by humans, bodies of water, including pools, have provided opportunities for outdoor and fun sexual play and activities by men everywhere.

As a practicing nudist, I know all too well that nudism involves more than just sex. It's a preferred lifestyle that has nothing whatsoever to do about sex. But, there is something both sensual and sexual about being naked in a pool with another hot, naked man (or men). It can't help but invite some serious one-on-one or group intimacy and mutual satisfaction. Boys will be boys, right?

I admit to having taken advantage of this situation in my past. I'm only human. I've sucked and been sucked, fucked and been fucked and taken part in other sexual foreplay and play while in a pool. Few among us haven't gotten busy at some time or the other in our lives while skinny dipping or in water with other men while naked.

I'm not ashamed about this. And it isn't just something that I've done in my past and hasn't been repeated since. Even this summer, my partner and I have enjoyed each other intimately while in a pool. Giving in to our carnal desires helps to keep our sex lives alive and exciting. It's a way to keep our relationship interesting and strong. It's also consensual and pleasing to us both. What's more, we're both consenting adults.  

I'm not promoting irresponsible or unsafe sex. My point is that it's okay to allow us the freedom to give into our dreams and fantasies as long as both parties agree. We have urges that we can satisfy in ways that are mature and respectful. Besides, there's no harm in participating in some summer fun as long as boundaries are observed.