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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A Reader From Brazil...

One of the fantastic advantages of blogging is that you get to meet great men from all over the world. I recently received an email containing different photographs from a reader in Brazil. He's interested in meeting new friends. I asked for his permission to post the pictures here and he immediately agreed. The image above shows him getting ready to reveal his manly attributes.

My new friend's name is Ramon and as I wrote above, he lives in Brazil, home to the 2016 Summer Olympics. Ramon's 23 years old and is interested in meeting Black men from all over the world. His email address is:
In the picture above, Ramon gives us a look at his nice cock and shaved pubes. In the one below, we get the view of the full manly package, Thank you, Ramon! Looking good!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Goodbye To Summer...

The Summer of 2012 officially ends this upcoming weekend. Even though there won't be an immediate noticeable change in the temperatures outside, the knowledge that it's all over is always in my mind. As a naked beach bunny, this thought will stay with me until the warmer weather returns again next year. It must be in my genes and inherited from my African and southern European parents.

I'm always a little sad this time every year. I hate to see the season end. I know there are indoor pools and inside nude socials. Many times to get naked with my friends as we wait out the winter. Somehow, that just isn't the same as hanging loose with my boys outside and warmed by the sun. I guess nothing can truly replace the natural environment.

That's why I keep memories of fun-in-the-sun convenient and close by throughout the year. The images lift my spirits and keep me in a positive mood when all around me is cold and gloom. I think this is seasonal affected disorder. Fortunately, my boyfriend doesn't suffer from the same. He's able to help keep me focused and upbeat.  

In the meantime, I'll gradually transition from the summer into autumn with nude hikes, picnics and the ocassional late-season barbecues. That does help alleviate the suffering. Still, I know I'll secretly be longing for those warmer days at the beach, lake or pool! 

Saturday, September 15, 2012

One Last Stroke...

It's almost officially the end of summer here. Time to try to squeeze in one last pleasure outside before the autumn arrives with the cooler temperatures and shorter days. One more splash in the pool before it has to be closed and prepared for the winter.
Yes, I'm feeling a little evil, frisky and nasty about right now. And why not? It's been a fun and happy summer. Why not end it the same way? I'm not one to waste an opportunity staring me in the face. My line of thinking is that it's better to grab a moment of satisfaction rather than suffer through a winter of regrets.
I'm being both honest and freaky with you. I know that I'm not the first gay man who's ever nutted in a pool. I also know that I won't be the last. I'm pretty sure that I'm probably one of the few who'll publicly admit to doing so. Hell, gay men have been enjoying this action for as long as pools have been around. Whether solo, with a partner or in a group, masturbation ...aquatic masturbation, is nothing new.
So, before this summer is gone forever, get outside, get wet and get busy! The memories that you create more than likely will bring a warm grin to your face during the cold winter ahead! 

Monday, September 10, 2012

He's Got My Vote!

This shouldn't be news to anyone who knows me or reads nekkidfurryboi blog. I voted for Barack Hussein Obama, then a U.S. Senator from Illinois back in 2008. I'm voting for him again in November, 2012. I believe in his vision for our future that includes all of us working together and contributing to the benefit of everyone in our country. I approve of his job performance over the past four years and have confidence in his ability to lead us for another term in office.

Many in the gay community were angered and disappointed over his process of evolving in favor of marriage equality. I was encouraged with his honesty in admitting that he had to consider the issue and then accept his conclusion. This wasn't an easy decision for him and his truthfulness about the matter I respect. We have a history in this country of politicians who are less than honest about their beliefs. For me, this shows that he is a thoughtful and thorough leader. A man who has earned our confidence and support.

I'm voting for the re-election of our incumbent, President Barack Hussein Obama. I ask that each of you think carefully about our future and do the same. Please visit: . Please plan to cast your vote in November.


Wednesday, September 5, 2012

September Sandy Weekends

September is here and along with it comes the final two weekends of Summer, 2012. Time to make that last mad dash to enjoy the sand and surf before the season changes. Soon, it will be too cool to get out and frolic naked on the beach. Whether it's for a day or the entire weekend, get outside and enjoy it while you can!

While you're out there, remember to take along your camera or portable media device. Nothing helps pass the time on those cold winter days than sitting back and reviewing photos of all those fun moments with friends along the beach. It's cool to have pictures of naked antics and games with the waves in the background.

A photograph isn't the same as actually being there. But, it is the next best thing! I like to download my photos into a streaming frame so I can keep a slideshow running on our bedroom nightstand all year long. My boyfriend and I like to wake-up to summer fun on those cold winter mornings. It beats the hell out of the outdoor temperatures!

If the beach isn't a possibility the final weekends, there's always a pool nearby. Nude men alongside a pool always make decent eye-candy during the winter. Anything to remind us all of those fun days in the sun while clothes-free!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Happy Labor Day!