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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Summer and London Olympics

Can you believe it's already August, 2012? Where did the summer go? To me, it seems like only yesterday that it was the Memorial Day weekend. Time flies when you're having fun! Now, the 2012 London Olympics are underway and what a party that is becoming! Thanks to modern technology, it's as though we're all there live. All those handsome men...! LOL!

During the month of August, I'm slowing down posting to my blog. I want some time to enjoy the Olympics and the last full month of summer. I will write only one blog entry each week for this period. I will increase my number of postings when September arrives.

In the meantime, enjoy the Olympic spectacle and all of the month of August. Be careful and be safe. Check in weekly for a new post!

As the Summer Olympics, 2012, are being broadcast from London, I'm following the events on the pommel horse for competitor Louis Smith, male gymnast for Team UK. He's one to watch out for, after his silver with the 2008 Summer Olympics. See Mixed Race Celebrity Mondays: Louis Smith post here at nekkidfurryboi blog dated July 9, 2012.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Olympic Pride

The Summer Olympics are now underway in London. The Opening Ceremony was a fantastic production that gave us a glimpse of British history and of that country's contributions to the world. As always, the Parade of Olympians is a moving tribute to the spirit and mission of the games. Having a mixed heritage, I feel pride in my paternal ancestry as the home of the original Olympics and the concept of universality. I have the same pride in my maternal ancestry for their modern achievements.

This year, it was no different. It was a fitting climax to the Opening Ceremonies that the lighting of the Olympic Flame was a combined effort of the 204 individual leaves carried in the parade by the respective teams. Let the Games begin!

Team Greece leads the Parade of Olympians as the birthplace of the Olympic Dream. Go Team Greece!

Team Nigeria marches into the stadium wearing the national colors of green and white. Go Team Nigeria!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Some More Of Trapboyy

I've written here before of my man, my brother, Trapboyy! That dude can take the dick like no other man I've seen in a very long time (the exception being me)! It's been awhile since I've shared any pictures of one of the porn industry's best bottoms. So I'm giving you a refresher course now. Here's one of Trapboyy with his fine ass covered with cum.

In this one, my dude is taking a mega-plunging from the super-cock belonging to Chino, of CocoDorm fame. I think Chino is holding him down because Trapboyy can really get busy with a man's dick. He's all over the place! That boy loves him some good cock (who doesn't?)! And, what's more, he loves it like only a man can!

My boi doesn't need the comfort of a bed or a couch in order to get his. He takes it anywhere it's available in order to satisfy his need (we all know that feeling). Here he's letting Jovannie have some ass on the steps while he gets his fill of some big dick. Trapboyy knows how to exchange his goodies for a goody of significant dimension and length!

Trapboyy knows how to work in order to get what he wants!

Trapboyy Statistics:
Waist: 31 inches
Height: 5 feet 9 inches
Weight: 160 pounds
Eyes: Brown
Orientation: Gay
Sexual Position: Bottom
Cock: 8.5 inches
Age: 27
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

Monday, July 16, 2012

Is It Just Me?

Is it race? Is it homophobia? Both? Is it size insecurity? Is it all three? What I want to know is, what the fuck is the problem? I know I've experienced these types of looks and body language when I've been at a nude beach. Why is that? Why is it one single black/mixed race man threatens some white folks? Are they afraid that it's something contagious? Skin color is inherited through genes, it's not transmittable.

If it's penis envy/insecurity, get over it. As nudists, all of us already know that size doesn't matter. At least, not the size of a relaxed penis. All dicks, when erect, have the potential to deliver pleasure to the sexual partner, no matter if that person is a man or a woman. A flaccid cock may hang nicely and swing gracefully, but that's just appearances. It's no indication of sexual prowess or stamina for the male of female partner.

Is it racial prejudice or stereotype? The black man is bigger therefore he's a threat to everyone, regardless of their sex? Come on, get over yourself. As nudists on a clothing-optional beach, we've all seen penises of all shapes, sizes and colors. Just because the darker one is bigger doesn't mean a damn thing. The myth "once they've gone black, they'll never go back" is nothing more than that: a myth. I know: I've had black ones and I've had white ones. A dick is dick. The color is the least concern (at least, as a mixed race man, for me). It's what a man can do with his cock that counts. I think we all understand that.

Is it because the brother is gay and the white dude is heterosexual? That is nothing more than stupidity. If the straight is afraid for the safety of his female date, a gay man is the very least of his worries. The gay man wants another man, another penis; not a vagina. Think about that one and then get back to me. Besides, if you hate gay men that much, get your ass off a naked beach and go to a clothing beach. They're more gay men at a nude beach than you imagine. All those unclothed cocks and asses roaming around, where do you expect them to go?

I've never set foot on a nudist beach that I haven't gotten "those" looks from straight white men. And I've asked around and know that I'm not the only gay black/mixed-race man who's had this experience. Many others have undergone the same. What the hell is it?

On the other hand, maybe it's not race or homophobia at all. Perhaps the dude is threatened because the brother has more body hair (like me)? Or, it could be the white guy is closeted and secretly wants some dick? Now, that's something to consider. 

Monday, July 9, 2012

Mixed Race Celebrity Mondays: Louis Smith

Louis Antoine Smith was born on April 22, 1989, in Peterborough, UK. He is of Anglo-Caribbean descent and considers himself a Black man. He won a Bronze Medal in gymnastics for the British team at the Beijing Olympics in 2008. He is a leading hopeful for the United Kingdom in this summers London Olympiad. He began his training in gymnastics at the age of 4 years old and has continued since. On the average, he trains for 30 hours per week. His best event is the pommel horse.

This British cutie, when not busy on the gym floor, enjoys reggae music and his all-time favorite movie is "Transformers." He enjoys singing and once auditioned for X Factor UK. After gymnastics, he wants to go into fashion with his own line of mens clothing, including sports gear. His favorite food is chicken, rice and peas.

His medal from the Beijing Olympics isn't the only international recognition honor that he's received. In the 2006 Commonwealth Games in Melbourne, Australia, he won the Gold Medal for the pommel horse. He won the Silver Medal on the pommel horse at the World Championship in Rotterdam, Netherlands. In 2011, he received the Bronze medal for the same at the World Championships in Tokyo, Japan. Most recently, he won the Gold at the 2012 European Championships held in Montpelier, France.

Smith is the second Black man to win an Olympic medal in gymnastics and the first on the pommel horse. The first won the silver on the parallel bars. He was the first British man to receive a medal in gymnastics since 1908.

Louis Smith isn't modest about his body (and we can see why). He openly admits to being comfortable with nudity. He's featured being charitably naked in this month's Cosmopolitan UK for EveryMan, an appeal for Britain's Institute for Cancer Research. The funds raised will go towards funding research for prostate and testicular cancers in men. 

Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Pool Party!

One of those classic summer scenes that just recur, year after year. Regardless of whether or not a man is a practicing social nudist or just an occasional skinny-dipper, this image evokes feelings of relaxing on a hot summer day. What better way to spend it than completely naked alongside or inside a refreshing pool?

The water's cool and fine and the sun is warm, bordering on hot. Close your eyes and picture yourself floating on the raft with scores of friends, all men, all just as naked as yourself, lounging both inside and all around the pool. A perfect setting for a summer weekend afternoon.

Given my Greek-Nigerian heritage, my only regret about summer is that it passes all-too-soon. I wish it would last much longer than just a mere four months out of the entire year.